Woah, Amazing!

Animation is more than just keyframes. Animation can explain whatever the mind can conceive; it is your way of telling the story in a visually exciting way. Every good animator needs inspiration and an amazing community to thrive, no more algorithm to favor the shi# posters; we do not want quantity, we want quality.

Focus on the quality.

In the world of algorithmic platforms, it pressures the artist to produce content by the quantity discarding the quality aspect of it, and sometimes it hurts the artist work quality because of the strict algorithm rules.

No algorithm against the artist.

Woahmazing, focuses on creating a better environment for the artist; simply quality will be the primary key point for selecting art and displying it in the recommended section.

You have full control

You're in complete control of your data; you don't have to open an account to start sharing content with a simple key you can fully manage your account and see what is being collected in the, terms and conditions.

About Woahmazing

Woahmazing, to put it simply, it's a plafrom to share and consume animated media, it's a place to get inspired by others projects create for others, and an online animation protfolioo.

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Best Features

Woahmazing brings some features to help you as an artist grow.

Simple, UI

We're keeping it simple, with no extra and unwanted features to bloat the experience, just what you might need.

Build by artist for artists

Woahmazing isn't under any significant or even small corporation. It's completely artist-made.

Link your accounts

If you want your could like your google, Pinterest accounts, no need to create an account.

No Account Policy

Don't want to waste time opeing an account? no worries you can still share content using your content creator key ( beta )

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Great Community

Woahmazing aims to create the best environment for all artists to feel welcomed.

Creator Dashboard

Customize your profile in the creator dashboard

More about woahmazing

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